Taking a short road trip the other day, and picked up Metallica's "Garage Inc" cd to listen to on the way.  Got to song 4....their cover of "Turn The Page".

Listened to it about 20 times. 

It's now leaking out of my ears.

I hear the soulful world-weary signature guitar lick...his voice alternately powerful and laden with cigarettes and exhaustion....

Help.  I need to at least switch it out, it's been three days. 



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9 Responses Feb 11, 2009

thats a good ****** song!!! better then the eric clapton version. or was is bob seger?? haha I dont know.. and I think you should be passing doobies around the living room hahah!!

Ok, I decided I just had to go with it. And did. And...yes, a week in, I'm getting tired of hearing the song...FINALLY.<br />
<br />

*$&%^#*!!!!<br />
<br />

Well...ok...<br />
<br />
See the previously referenced individual boat.

A beer or two?

hahah....I was thinking more along the lines of sitting in a living room passing ... whatever floats your individual boat... around.

Oooh, that would do it too. I HAVE gone damn near weeks singing that one.<br />
<br />
Now this is goofy as hell, and globally speaking I know y'all are likely to bust my chops for typing it, but it's really fun having several of my favorite people all commenting on one story...statement, actually.

How about Ren & Stimpy's Happy Happy Joy Joy song???

I'm a desperate woman. Gummies it is.