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I love being at a naturist beach or resort, but I always get an erection. When I'm with a lady no one bothers much, they may laugh, smile, or ignore it. When I'm alone some people can get very uneasy.
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51-55, M
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I have found that even in the presence of a nice looking woman,I won't become aroused and get an erection.My social nudity is for relaxation.Just because it has never occurred in the past,does not mean it could not occur in the future.I will simply reposition,so the erection is not on display.

A lone man is always viewed with more suspicion, whether justified or not. A lone man with an erection is seen as confirmation of that suspicion! Even with your GF you may receive the odd 'tut' for your erection, but with GF present it is assumed you will at least behave yourself!<br />
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Women are indeed fortunate in not having this problem, because as you say, arousal is not obvious. However, I still maintain that arousal is rare; we often say that after the first five minutes it is easy to forget that you and all around you are naked - except for the feeling of comfort and relaxation it affords, of course.<br />
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For you and your GF to feel this kind of arousal you must be connecting naturism with sex, even if only sub-consciously. Without wishing to pry into your private life, is it that you are both anticipating a good time together after you leave the beach, because that's what you always do? (This question is purely rhetorical; I don't want an answer!) If so try breaking any such habit a few times.<br />
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The important thing is to RELAX when on the beach; that is why we go to the beach, after all!

Yes I've heard all of these things and your'e right naturism is not about sex. <br />
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Maybe always getting an erection is an overstatement. But I do from time to time.<br />
What I am saying is when I'm with a girl friend people just ignore it, but if I'm alone, even if I'm diving for cover some people see me has some kind of threat.<br />
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My gf says she is often turned when naked but no one can see she's wet between the legs.

As a 51-55 year old man (according to your profile), you should be grateful!<br />
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You are unusual though as I don't know anyone, even teenagers, who have this problem. The usual answers suggested are to lie on your front or go for a swim in the sea until it goes away. (Or stop eating those little blue diamond-shaped sweets ;-)<br />
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Seriously, read a book, build a sandcastle, fly a kite, do any of the things folk normally do on beaches and just forget about sex - it's not what naturist beaches are about. The brain is not stupid, if sex is not on the cards, the brain doesn't prepare the body for it.