And They Sweat a Lot...

My hands and feet are always freezing.  Sometimes my fingers will be so cold and numb that they are white from the middle knuckle to the tip.  Also, for some reason the colder they get, the more they sweat.  Doesn't that seem all backwards? :)  Once, I was working construction and using that black tar-paper and the white finger thing happened.  I shook out my hands and smacked them together for 30 minutes to try and get the blood flowing.  Slowly I regained feeling.  The guy I was working with tried to convince me that it was because of the paper and the common Mexican remedy was to pee on them.  I think he also tried to convince me that they use recycled Tecate cans as street reflectors.  I loved that guy :)

KingoftheDragonmen KingoftheDragonmen
Feb 10, 2009