Is there someone in your life who your mind keeps flitting back to, throughout each day? For me, it's my 3 year old niece. Ever since I met her (when she was 9 months old- I was studying abroad,) we have been so close! Even when she was a baby, she often would rather be held by me than her Mommy or Daddy!

I make her laugh and smile, and always encourage her. I love to babysit her, and often give my harried sister a break (she also has a 18 month old boy, a teaching position, and extensive college courses). I absolutely adore all children- I've actually been teaching children since I was 14- but I think I have an even deeper connection to my niece, aside from being related- we have similar traits.

She is an absolute ball of energy and wonder- she's always watching, listening... A falling leaf! A cat stretching! The sound of a truck passing by! These things are always noticed by her. I'm like that also, I'm very detail-oriented. (My future wife will not have to worry about me flunking the question, "So, notice anything different?" lol.) My niece and I are also alike in that she's always bouncing around- she's a really active kid, always singing and dancing. I still have that part of me ;).

Another thing we share is our mutual love of drawing! We love coloring together, and drawing pictures for each other! She's also a creative type person, and we're both left-handed- which dovetails with the whole creativity thing. I could be with her all day....
lifeisatest lifeisatest
26-30, M
Aug 21, 2014