I Get Crushes Easily

Gah, sometimes I wish I knew why in the world I get crushes so easily. Granted, most of them are minor, fleeting ones...but when they exist, I find I can't stop thinking about the person. When I was in college, I had crushes on about four different guys, and the worst part is my crushing tends to fulfill some kind of weird prophecy because every single one of those guys admitted they liked me too! I don't even understand how they could be interested in me since...well...I'm not exactly the ideal woman. Shy, quiet, overweight, nerdy...yet I managed to grab the attention of skinny, cute nerdy guys who started off as good friends and then later on admitted how they felt.

The way I get crushes on people is so weird because often times I feel the crush the second I lay eyes on them, then I inevitably get to know them better, the crush deepens, and one day while just spending time with them, they will tell me they care. Or, in a less subtle way (like one crush did), will tap me on the shoulder while watching a movie and kiss me very deeply. I won't know a single thing about the person when I get a crush, but it's like a sixth sense.

Currently I'm in grad school and I've found I have another little crush on a classmate. Nothing I'd pursue by any means, but is it bad that while part of me is hoping my crush instinct does not continue to work, another rt of me kinda hopes it does? I never pursue any crushes since I'm not single, but something about someone new showing an interest in me...it gives me those butterflies in my stomach and I love that feeling. I love my boyfriend, but those butterflies are something people can usually only do for me once.

Most of these crushes have just come and gone without much more than some playful thoughts, but a couple of them were very profound and I dare say I might have fallen somewhat in love.
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I've had some odd crushes before too, like on a high school teacher...that ended pretty quickly when I heard he had a child. No offense to any parents here, but the sexual appeal of a man with kids just plummets to zero for me. That's how a couple other minor college crushes ended - I found out the guys had children and my crush went -poof-, which was good.<br />
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I'm a lot more relaxed about this crush because I know this guy isn't going to be attracted to me, but oh well. I can have harmless fun in my mind. :)

personally, crushes can either be fun ,or hurtful....yes, i can easily relate to you when you say you can ea.sily fall in love by just the glance first off, i tend to do that toofrom time to time. just keep your guard up so you don't end up crushing yourself with false illusions! good luck

I've had some REALLY embarrassing crushes in the past. Much to the amusement of my friends!

crushes on people always hurt because they always seem to end the same can we be friends. i guess its ok but u need to stop and think about it , get it out of your mind but i know u just cant thats my problem i meet someone and itds like i really like this person and u go out and then u have sex and then you dont know what to talk about.and it seems the more you like someone they dont pay attention to you but if you dont answer the phone they continue to call you. well just take it easy one crush at a time take care