I Have Always Been A Flirt And Sometimes I Run Into Others Who Feel Uncomfortable About That

Sorry, But I just love to flirt. Even when i am just talking to the old bald guy at the post office who sells me stamps and ships my boxes. He said in a monotone "is there anything is here that is toxic, liquid or flammable?" I giggle and say, "nope, just cookies....." He smiles and says,"oh, what kind" and i placed the box on the scale for him. Looking up and smiling i said, "Peanut butter, want one?" as i winked at the old man he brightened up and said, "Maybe." Then he told me a story about how the last time somebody came in with cookies they were going to ship, they were so thoughtful and brought him a few. He laughed and seemed to be glad that i changed up the monotony of his day and flattered him with a little playful teasing. So i said,"next time i come in i will have to bring you some cookies too" and he seemed cheered up.
What is wrong with being playful? I think our culture is too serious sometimes, you know.
So what? Bald guys, short guys, old guys and young guys-everyone can be cheered up with a little innocent flirting.
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Love the thought, and you brightened up his day. he probably hasn't felt 'special' for years. I work with older people who in some cases are terminally ill. Their carers are usually their spouse/wife and being in their 70's and 80's themself are often tired, stressed and worn-out, sometimes feeling unloved and almost alone. My task apart from taking care of the Mr for a few hours, is my unwritten directive to care about the Carer too. I enjoy giving the old wife a hug and sitting down to listen to her worries and concerns. By the time I leave I want to feel as if I've helped the carer as well as the client. A quick hug, a gentle shoulder and a listening ear does wonders. What has this to do with flirting... a gentle kiss on the cheek and tell them how beautiful they look, with the little wink makes them beam sometimes. maybe not flirting as such, but it has the same affect.

oh yes, it should never be used with malicious intent...

Yea that is so cute, so sweet and lovable. You do need to spread your sunshine wherever you go. I'm sure it makes everyone happy that you meet along the way. People loving people, beautiful thought :0) I also enjoy exchanging a pleasant word with people i meet along the way. A smile stays with you all day long and keeps you smiling :) xox

As one of those guys you mentioned I think it was great for you to lighten up his day. That was an awesome ting to do. Now don't forget to bring him cookies next time. Oh if you want to send me some I would like that. :>)) Then you would have an excuse to go to the post office. :>))

Aww, that was so cute. I bet you made his day. Thanks for sharing! :D

No thing wrong with it! It makes people feel good about themselves! Good for you....