Mornings Crushes

They may be too brief or too isolated to be considered crushes; however, there is a whole class of harmless, innocent attraction that occurs in the morning, in contrast to the rest of the day. I was driving to work one morning, and I heard a brief story on a reasonably serious news program (not some 'morning zoo' show) that reported that people were four times as likely to notice, make eye contact, and try to get the attention of other drivers they found attractive in the morning than at any other time of the day.

While it may be the power of suggestion, I have noticed this morning phenomenon to be true, and not just for driving. It may apply to the people in line or working the counter for a stop for coffee or a snack on the way to work, on public transportation in the morning, or in connection with a morning flight. I have been flying at least twice per week lately, much more than my usual flying habits, and there is something about these morning attractions. It seems that for the morning flights there is always someone in the gate area during the waiting stage that catches my eye, and it is harmless people watching, but someone who makes me very curious. It is a one-off, although I do see some of the same people traveling every week on the same flights like me, so I know it may not really be a crush, but it is a very similar feeling.

We have an energy and perhaps a hopeful optimism in the morning that we lack at other points of the day. Most of us are sober; I am usually sober in the morning. Maybe it's a fantasy that it would be nice to get to know this interesting looking person, skip work, and fly to Tahiti together, instead of Pittsburgh or Houston, or whatever our "final desination" may be.

It's free, it's innocent, and I enjoy my morning crushes,
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7 Responses Mar 14, 2011

What a sweet story. : )
I like to give my smile to people I don't know and get one in return. Wouldn't exactely call that crushes but it gives a nice feeling for a short while.

i think i have noticed this as i will be even more alert! :)

It's morning! Fresh from sleep.... the make up hasnt slid off, who knows what the day will bring!

What an interesting concept. Now, I have to pay more attention and see if I do make eye contact more in the morning!! I am a people watcher anyway so this will be fun to "keep an eye on!" :)

AWESOME!! I do see where confidence could enhance this whole process....It'll be fun to pay attention to now! I love it when I read things that make me stop and really think or consider something new....It's one of the best parts of this site!!

You've just described this so well. (intently reading between the lines). I think feeling good in every way about ourselves, especially in the morning, we just can't dismiss beauty from our sight without giving it a compliment inside our heart.

I can understand this completely, <br />
People look their best on the way to work.<br />
All dressed up in their pressed shirts an Skirts.<br />
Stockings without runs.<br />
All prim and proper,<br />
Yeah can make your mind wander....<br />
I love official looking women

I don't usually have crushes. Perhaps, because I am not usually attracted to the physical form. I am more of the personality type. Hence, I have strong crushes which stay through the years.I have everlasting crush to the bestfriend of my older brother. Then have met two amazing men here on EP. But I won't tell, it might spark