Schoolboy Crushes

I have tiny crushes(not really a big deal if I don't actually get with them, cuz most likely I won't) and they don't even have to be good looking. One dude actually found out that I kinda liked him(embarassing because he called me out one day) and now he probably thinks a STILL like him, which is not the case. He's really just a loud jerk now. There's one kid I still have a little crush on(maybe because he has girlish features??? lol) even though he got a stupid haircut.

My crushes never morph into anything bigger, and I still go with the "high school relationships don't last" excuse.
legumi legumi
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1 Response Aug 24, 2011

the high school crush thing is not true one of my familyembers have been<br />
going out since 15 and now 25 got married and my friend auntie and uncle have been<br />
going out since they were 12 now 23 and getting married next year<br />
maybe ask this guy out or get your friends to ask him out even if its only a short time<br />
it will be fun to try and u never know you could fall for him once you get to know him more