It Almost Sounds Immature But I Can't Help It

"I always have little crushes" sounds like such a teenybopper thing to But it's true. I always want to have a crush on someone because it makes me feel good. If I don't have a crush, I feel miserable. The crush is almost never anyone I know in real life (usually well-known people or fictional characters). Having a crush is almost a highlight of my life when I think about it, actually. So maybe it's not such a negative 
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2012

Hahaha:) I know what you mean:))) having crushes makes people smile maybe that's why people like having crushes:))

Haa I have crush with Jensen Ackless AKA Dean Winchester, what? you don't? He's awesomely sexy

i lurrvve having crushes! and its waay coool when they reciprocate.