I Have A Crush On A Friend

Yes. We are both married to other people and being unfaithful to are spouses is not an option. Still I look at this handsome man and can't help but think what he has, if you know what I mean. We talk to each other every day on the way to work and I have an idea that he's a little curious as well. It doesn't help that my marriage is really a room mate relationship without the closeness of normal room mates. I mean my husband doesn't really want to tell me anything too personal. This guy on the other hand will answer just about any question I ask. Wow! Very nice.
samanthavandorn samanthavandorn
1 Response May 20, 2012

omg i know exactly how you feel i have a crush on my boss hes soo hot but hes married and im engaged it sucks but we talk and are in a friend basis and over time i dont like him as much its a awesome feeling to have a crush but even better when it turns into a friendship.

Why are you engaged?