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I think everyone has little crushes on people at some point. When you first meet someone, I feel like it crosses your mind: if you find a person cute or not.

Well lately, I have had a change of environment. A lot of people were moved around so now I see fresh faces at my job. I think I have a small crush on this guy. He has the most piercing look. His eyes are to die for. But he's older. I think either mid 20s/late 20s to mid 30s. I can't tell anymore. Everyone at my job is older than me. Anyways I always say hi to him when we first see each other for the day or I smile at him. I think we might have a small connection, but I don't think both of us are going to act on it, because of the age difference and because of work ethics. Plus I don't want to date him. Just a small crush.

I think he passes by my area of work to scope if I'm working or not. Because every time I work, I see him pass by once. and each time, we say hi to each other. And I can see his eyes trying to find mine LOL. It's cute...and I don't see this happening with any of the others. MAybe it's because he's sort of new and doesn't know the workers well enough? But ehh. I just happened to have to ask him a couple of 100 question the first day on his job LOL. so we kind of know each other. but they were actually all work related. too bad really. I really adore his eyes.

But to prove my point on all people having small crushes, I have this other worker..idk, he suddenly began being nicer to me. He used to be ok, ur a worker, ill be polite. but now he's being nice and more talkative to me. And noticing really small habits of mine. I was surprised he picked it up and commented on it. I also noticed he kind of hangs a little more now in my area. But I don't like him, LOL. Too bad I blush too easily. I hope he doesn't take it in the wrong way.

Oh then I have a small crush on this guy in my class. I'm just naturally attracted to intelligent guys. They're my soft spot LOL. sigh, it's also just a small crush that I'm not going to act on it.

goodness, this post makes no sense. so there. I'm done. it's just stories about my small crushes and small crushes of other people.

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Haha. Interesting.. Really :D

lol glad you found it interesting :P