It's Natural

I wouldn't necessarily call them crushes. They are not always typical crushes. Perhaps attraction is a better word. And it does happen to me at times, both with women and men.

I like looking at women. I'm often impressed by them. Little things can cause that – certain fancy style, a smile, a sparkle in the eye. When it goes together with depth, wit and intelligence, I will probably want to learn more about her. We, women, are complex creatures. Heck; we even puzzle ourselves at times! But there's beauty in this depth and complexity. How could we not be impressed with one another? So much connects us. Similar experiences, emotions, joys and sorrows. We are sisters. For me, the need to connect with another woman is obvious and natural. Perhaps I will be able to find myself in her story? Look into her life as if I was looking in the mirror. Maybe we'll help each other. Learn from each other's experience. And we'll bond. No man will understand me as well as a woman.

On the other hand...

I may admire women, but I will always be attracted to men. There is something magical and utterly fascinating about masculinity. Some undefined charm. It is pure strength, with a pinch of softness, in my favourite variant. Powerful, sexy, but also reassuring and comforting. And absolutely irresistible.
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I never crush on men. I do often crush on women. It's frequent and fleeting and a whole lot of fun.

And every now and then, a crush turns into a friendship. And that's pretty cool.

Does the bromance thing you have going with goliath count? ;)..

That's not a crush. He's full on in love with me. He's like a puppy. I never should have fed him.

lolol...I think its cute, though. Not to mention entertaining as well.

Very natural and lovely!

I am the same!

How very true. You've captured the essence of how I too feel about certain men and women and been able to put it into words. Well written.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment on that, and for your kind words.

I'm enjoying reading your posts, hope you add to them.

That's very nice to hear, thank you :)

" No man will understand me as well as a woman." <br />
You are absolutely right. Now going through my divorce I discovered that Men are good friend, brothers.....but Only a woman can understand a woman.

Thank you, Hana, for the comment. I'm sorry you are going through a divorce right now. It's never easy. *hugs*

I love women. They are all gorgeous! Mysterious beyond any comprehension!

And you know this love is mutual :) *blows a kiss*


I am impressed by your honesty. Very well said!

Thank you :)

I like the way you wrote this, and it's very true. People can be so beautiful sometimes. Not in the way they look, but in who they are. Both males and females really are mystical and interesting creatures in their own ways.

Very true. Thank you for stopping by :)