So Many Little Crushes

I am a shy guy so instead of making friends with cute girls I admire, I am far more likely to nurture little crushes. I love women with great taste in shoes, heels and boots, especially. There are a few ladies where I work that are total fashion plates, always wearing great outfits and shoes. I go out of my way to walk by their desks just to see what they are wearing. Sometimes I am bold enough to compliment them, but I am always afraid of coming off as creepy rather than friendly. I always hope, every time I summon up the courage to say "Wow, I like your shoes" that it will lead to a friendly conversation and a chance to make friends. Even a smile and a thank you is enough to make my day.

Notice it is not the opening salvo of a pick up or some kind of proposition, I want to be friends. I know there's no way I'd ever get further than that!

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41-45, M
Dec 10, 2012