Oh Always....

THESE GUYS.... can't help it you know.. I feel oh.. nice guy, hey so cute, so sweet... what a gentlemen.. how understanding.. so.. slowly the bar jumps above friendship sometimes.. but all these guys are my friends and I believe love must be something deeper... ( didn't experience it though) so I follow a three step process not to get to carried away:

1) appreciate

2) feel good

3)laugh and forget what you just felt

this helps not to lose focus... especially with so many handsome guys in engineering colleges you see... that to when we have 1: 12 ratio between gals and boys... plus the attention and affection you are showered with.. being the only gal in batch.. volia-- such things are meant to happen

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3 Responses Aug 17, 2007

Exactly !!!!!!!!

I've never expressed it so concisely, but I pretty much use the same process, especially when I am with large groups of guys (I kind of alternate from an entirely female group of friends to an almost entirely male group with little middle ground.) If I did not do that, I would probably be guilty of either leading myself on, or in cases where nothing would develop beyond a little crush, leading the guy on.

omg I havve little crushes like that too! Theres this guy I know whos really polite, he holds the door for me (not a lot of guys do that these days) hes always complimenting me and he does stuff for me here and there. Its not like its a crush but I feel really admire his traits hahaha I should use your three step process sometime :D