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i always have my guard up . i have customers calling me lazy  . and too young to feel in that much pain .  i am always putting a guard up beucase i always have people calling me a fake or it's all in my head . all beucase i let my guard down about my life .

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Control, Manage, Feel.

Forwards and backwards. In combination or alone.

And always Help.

Yourself and Others.

Find the Balance in these concepts. Use as necessary, and as appropriate.

And in line with your own "Blueprint." It will take time but you will figure that out if you keep Seeking Truth.

Like computers, I think humans can benefit from the use of "Operating Systems." Familiar ones, that is.

The trick, to me, is figuring out ways to handle all situations without adjusting the basic form of the system.

It is not always easy being sensitive. Especially in these times. There is a lot of stimuli around us very often. And much information- not all of it Good.

Not everyone is like you. If you learn to use what you have, you can Help people. And do Great things in general.

Control, Manage, Feel what? Why? How?

Always Help.

Good Luck. It will find you if you are on a Good track, I believe.

My clock just switched to 230! It's a sign...! Really. (I tend to Believe, anyway)

13 is also lucky, btw. Make Friends With 13.