Corresponded With A Very Wet Girl - Her Story

I corresponded, briefly, by email with a girl who was incredibly wet. I wanted to pass along her story to you here in this group. Her name was Denise.

When she was 11 years old she woke up one morning to discover that she had wet her bed. Of course she was mortified about this and was terrified about what her mom was going to do when she found out. Well, to her astonishment her mom was really good about it, saying only that wetting her bed is no big deal, don't worry about it, if it happens, it happens. She said that after that she just accepted that she would be wetting her bed every night, and she did.

Well a couple of months after this, and this is what clinched it for me as to whether or not she is for real or just fictional, she walked into her bedroom one morning to find her mom stripping off her bed "...after another night of wetting". She asked her mom "...if it would be okay to wet in the day". Her mom thought she meant in her bed and she said, "Yes, but the sheets will only be changed in the morning". When she told her she meant in her pants, "...for some reason she started to leave the room and as she did she said a very quiet yes!". She said that from then on she knew that she would never have to worry about getting to a toilet any more for peeing, she knew she could just go in her pants all the time, which she did with complete abandon.

When last I corresponded with her she was 22 years old and she told me, "All my peeing is done in my pants". I asked her if she pees her pants in public and her response to this was, "When I'm out and about I just let it all out into my jeans or whatever I'm wearing". She told me that she "is no longer able to control herself". She also told me, after I inquired about it, that she wore diapers to school so she could keep peeing herself without anyone knowing about it. She said that her mom had suggested the diapers for school, and that she bought the diapers for her.

I asked her if she ever uses toilets for peeing and she told me no, she does all of her peeing in her pants constantly. She is very, very lucky in that she has never had to hide her pants peeing, she has been able to be completely open about it. I asked her if she ever poops her pants and she said yes, once in a while but not very often. I also asked her if she was going to allow her kids to wet their beds and pee their pants all they want and she said yes, absolutely, her kids will be fully allowed. She is the wettest girl I have ever encountered in my life and, apparently, her kids are going to be just as wet.

This story is completely true, it is not fictional whatsoever. I wish I had been as lucky as Denise, it would be so nice, it really would. Well, I suppose I can dream.
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Jan 8, 2013