I Am Totally Taking Control Of This Action :d

I have been on ep for over a year now and for the most part... I look over who "Fans" me and if we have something in common or they seem interesting.. I Add them.  Every now and then I bump into someone who seems really diverse and interesting and I Fan them......  It's worked pretty well. I have an AWESOME circle....But  I have like 60 some pages of fans and a  circle of just a lil over 100......  That's a BIG difference!  Even with that... my circle needs to be sorted out again cause  folks come and go in here.  One day they're here and the next day they're gone. Some folks just need other things in their life and leave.  Sometimes,  even with reading their stories and trying to get a "vibe" on the person, I am adding.....I blow it and end up with a person I just don't have anything in common with.   Such is life online I suppose.  I'm good with it all cause people offer up a wide variety of ways and  I, pretty much roll with whatever comes.  Makes life easier that way.

I also have a bunch of buddies who aren't in my circle... for any number of reasons and we talk nearly every day!!  That's pretty cool too!  I do find I always have room for a few more interesting folks who offer new insights and ideas about everything from sex to what brush works best on my terrier!! That is one of my favorite things about ep.....THE VARIETY!!  It ROCKS!!

Hubs and I were discussing this the other day and He is always an advocate of actively looking for  folks who are interesting.  I have tried this and I'll be darned... it WORKS!!  I have recently  found a couple of AWESOME peeps I didn't know about before!  Thanks in part... to some of my buddies who are generous enough to recommend I go check out what  a person has to say!! 

So.......**DRUM ROLL PLEASE***  I am TOTALLY launching a campaign to find interesting folks!!  To celebrate this new format I am offering up this song....But instead of "Manhunt" ya gotta  substitute the words, "Fanhunt"    Pretty snazzy huh??  Ok.. so it's TOTAL OVERKILL.. but admit it...it's FUN!!  I use this vid in my dance classes all the time cause it's a total workout!!  Just using the basic moves in it!  So I am just  re-using it for THIS!!  I LOVE recycling stuff!! 

So don't be surprised if  I show up reading your stuff and Fannin on ya!!  I'm into this action now!!  Also, if any of my buddies know AWESOME folks that I don't..... keep throwin names my way!  I'm NOT shy!!  I'll roam right on over and have a look and say HEY!!!  I'm goin all forward and out going on this trip!!  Wish me luck!! 
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*giggles @ Sierra* Fanhunt eh? Well...I think that's an awesome idea. Way to be so green Girlfriend. *gives her a big thumbs up* I'm a huge believer in recycling...and I think you made some very valid points in your story. My fans far outweight my circle...so we are in a similar place so to speak. Truth be told...way back when...I commented on one of my friend's stories...saw a comment from Woobie on their story...so I checked out a few of her stories...and her story comments led me to your profile Ms. Seirra. Isn't it cool beans how that happens? I sure think so. :)

Aww thanks KK. Any mention of Woobie is cool beans!! I LOVE that girl!! I'm also so glad you and I met. You're an AWESOME writer and a genuinely happy person and I LOVE both of those qualities!! ♥

Thanks so much Seirra. (((Hugs))) The feeling is mutual. :)

Sie--<br />
I would also--gladly--offer my services in--<br />
sampling the above artisans skill! =D

:D You're sooooo generous!! :D

WO, Awwwww thanks!! Will do and I'll even "test" their skill out first and let them pick me a few numbers too! :D

Ari, aww thanks.... how cool is this!! Another great thing we can share!! I have never been one to wander too far away from my circle buddies so I have missed a lot of great folks. Occasionally I'd follow somebody to another persons posts but it was a rare thing. Now I am totally jumping into finding great folks and it's working like a charm!! I have actually found a couple of good buddies thru being your friend...Just goes to show good folks attract other good folks!! :)<br />
<br />
I never thought to check how many comments a person makes....I just learned something new!! I do like folk who actually talk to you and not just view you as some sort of "collectible" I think it's fine if folks want to do that..it's their own business but it seems kinda pointless to me.....I'd rather have 5 folks I actually like and get along with then 1000 names in my file...I am clueless about!!

we are soooo on the same page with this!! hugs ♥

looking4, Aww thanks. My dancer girls ROCK!! The guys sure wouldn't get much work done with all the girls hoppin around in tiny lil leather outfits!! ;) It would be fun to watch tho!! :D

Sie--<br />
I did catch a few moments of just how well that groups is progressing.<br />
Bravo--to your efforts!<br />
As well as theirs--<br />
I fear--our male staffers--<br />
would be entirely too distracted--<br />
should you schedule your female students--<br />
to wear leather while preforming in dance class.<br />
I have no doubt you would have the males--full--attention. ;-)<br />
I am pleased to see your new EP strategy is working out so nicely.<br />
This is indeed a good move--on your part.<br />
I am also very pleased that your friend's are assisting you in this effort.<br />
A most sincere thanks to all.

I gotta say...my new system here is working soooooo GOOD!! I have already found like 5 new ROCKIN peeps and have about 2 dozen more to check out! THANKS SOOO MUCH for these cool recommendations. I should have done this from the very start!! <br />
HUGZ AND HUGZ AND MORE HUGZ for nudgin me in better directions!! ♥ ♥ ♥

aww thanks looking4!! YOU need to watch S's group!! She can TOTALLY step off that wall and flip now!! Seeeeee..bite your tongue!! My girls are ROCKIN IT!! I also have a few doing full splits too!! Double haaa-haaaa on ya!! :P<br />
See that bold streak of mine is totally "catching!" Next I'm gonna get them all to come in, in leather and put on a total show for anyone who wants to watch.... :D This song ROCKS and it totally works in my classes!!

Sie--<br />
Bravo--my love!<br />
Seek and you shall discover.<br />
I so enjoyed reading this.<br />
It is that bold and engaging streak--<br />
of yours--<br />
that enables you to--first discover--<br />
and then--<br />
form close bonds with others.<br />
It is a charmingly unique talent.<br />
I was also brought to chuckling--<br />
with your selection of song to accompany this new strategy--<br />
So utterly--you--my love. ;-)<br />
snazzy--indeed! <br />
When are you going to teach your dancing class to--take air--off a wall?<br />
You do it with captivating agility! ;-)<br />
Good Luck--my love.

LOL..we all already spend too much time hear reading great stories...keep adding people and we will never get off:)

moondance,I would LOVE to have wayyyyy more time in here!! One of these days I am gonna schedule myself one full day of EP with NOOOO work interruptions! That would TOTALLY ROCK!! :D

Aww thanks bb!! I have already got some rockin recommendations and I am already engrossed in discovering the AWESOMENESS in a couple of new peeps!! This is really a LOT of fun!!

best wishes on your fanhunt sierra33. im sure many new peeps will be delighted to have you as a friend =)

Aww thanks tommy!! ♥

Nice music - nice story - nice video. Good stuff!

Affinity, Naked poet ROCKS!! He is totally on my radar now!! <br />
Good plan on how you run your ep-world!!<br />
<br />
I haven't been answering any "Fans" lately cause I wrote in my "about me" that I wouldn't unless they actually communicated with me. I am tired of picking up folks who never say boo. I don't cam, phone or text so it's pointless to have a name and avi and no communications from the person. <br />
<br />
Then again some just fanned me cause they wanted me to comment on their stories with no reciprocal return and I don't deal with that either. I have lots of buddies who are busy and work or just have other things to do for a bit and that's fine. I get side tracked too but I am just DONE with the one-sided crap. It's boring for me and does nothing more then enable the other person in being toooo self-revolving for me....

Mine is due for another clean sweep!! :D

Sie--indeed it is!

looking4..I done did the sweep today!!

Awwww, I just got the cutest note.....The person wanted to know why I didn't just fan everyone anyways....I figured I answer it in here just in case other folks are wondering the same thing..... :)<br />
<br />
A LOT of the reason why I hesitate is because I have my red dot and I don't like to offend anyone. A number of folks have told me the naughty stories I write about hubs and I seem HORRIBLE to them.... I myself see wayyyyyy worse stuff in here but different strokes bug different folks I guess.<br />
<br />
So if I do fan folks I usually write them a note first and ask them. It just seems like a sort of polite thing to do.

Aww thanks affinity..I love reading your stuff too!! ♥

Aww thanks CWS...Then that makes you SUPER AWESOME cause you're always sittin at the top of my list for Rockin ep'ers!! :) ♥

Laff's You're...how perfect is it that you showed up and Laffed at me!! :D It is funny but in a "fun" sort of way!! Now I'm gonna go stalk your buddies and see who looks interesting!!