Always Called To Save The Day, But Never Saved

I have always been the strong one, or the smart one, or the one who is always prepared for any emergency. Then as soon as the emergency is fixed, everyone moves on with their lives and assumes I am OK on my own. I have always been there to help my parents, help my friends, help my children, but they fail to see the value of my efforts because what I do seems to them to be so easy for me. Then, when I get into a tough situation, my family has been very critical of me because "I should know better". It would be so nice to be in a relationship with someone where I could sit back and not have to worry about fixing things around the house because I know how; or making sure there is always that extra bit of money for an emergency; or taking the initiative to look after matters instead of pretending them away; or just clean up the messes of everyone else. Whenever I have tried to sit back and let someone else look after me for a change, they have either bailed or failed to follow through.
KSpirit KSpirit
1 Response Nov 29, 2011

Toxic is the perfect word to describe it. I have said no to my oldest daughter, because she never wants to hear the advise I give her before getting into a mess, but I am still expected to bail her out when the mess happens. She now has cut me out of her life. If it wasn't for not seeing my grandchildren, I would consider that a blessing.