I'll Cope - I Have To.

I go through all of life's crisis by myself. Each of my siblings is constantly moaning and whinging about how busy they are, how tired, how everything they are to my mother... that's all I ever hear from her. I feel so down because I'm the one who lives by myself and has no-one to support me when I'm feeling down, lonely, depressed, have hassles at work, have stresses etc. Does she never think about me on my own. My sister is constantly moaning about this and that - but she has a bloody husband for god sake - moan to him. I have no one to moan to. She is not talking to me because I didn't ring her for over a week - SHE shoule be the one ringing me - I'm the one on my OWN. She has her family for Gods sake - I should be the on not talking to her!!!! Why do I never complain - maybe because no one will listen. Everyone assumes I'm fine - that I'm getting on OK, that I'm not lonely, that I dont worry about things, that I need to talk, that I need company, that I need a phone call, that I need love and support from my family and not the other way around. 

Sorry I'm crying now.... 

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4 Responses Jul 22, 2007

Two things, Take a deep breath and mind your happiness, you are not responsible for other's happiness and misery .<br />
Praise the Lord daily, daily that your mother isn't complaining to you about you! this is the real blood cancer!

I have a sister that has been in a relationship for 10 years and just got out of it and I have to listen to her complain about not dating when I've been alone for 4 years! <br />
I know how you feel. Everyone thinks you are ok and I alway pretend to be because I think don't feel like I can do anything about it so I will look silly to say I want a boyfriend only to follow it with but no one wants me.... so i pretend I like going on tons of dates with jerks and that when I get dumped I don't care even though I'm so hurt I don't know what to do....<br />
<br />
hang in there. you are not alone.

Hello and I hope you are having a good day!!!! Anytime you need to talk to send a message and I will try to listen and give feedback. I am in the same boat as you are and feel the same way. :)

Hey there! I am sorry to hear you feel down…You can always moan, whinge and groan about everything to me! Text me, email me, scribble me… do anything you feel like and I am there! We tend to think the others ignore us. Sometimes it is true and they only hear what they want to but sometimes they just do not know what is inside us cause we are not letting them in. Just a thought. And hey, remember you are not alone here! :-)