I Fall For The Ones That Leave

I tend to fall for the ones I know have to leave and just end up saying goodbye and feeling like crap for it. Last year the guy I fell for as a freshman in high school (now I am a sophomore in college) came home and we just fell in love all over. But I knew he was only going to be home for 2 weeks but I left my self fall for him again anyways. After he left I it took me a good 6 months to move on again. Some how I started talking to a friend of mine I had known for basically 6 years but only seen twice. But he was coming home for Chirstmas and once again he was home for 2 weeks and once again I left myself fall for him too. Maybe I do this because I am afraid of a real commitment or its just that the ones who care and the ones who can't be around.
JennNoble JennNoble
18-21, F
Jan 3, 2007