Always Forever Never Goodbye

The people we meet any situation is all part of some great plan...Like a form off punishment in a way..teasing...maybe destiny playing with us.. maybe ... have you ever meet someone who made your heart flutter, or you had to crane your neck just to see them before they disappeared ...wondering if you will ever see them again... maybe finding yourself always looking at that particular spot where you last saw them...wondering if you had just said hello or smiled would they have smiled or said hello back ? But then the inevitable goodbye would you just don't say anything...maybe we just don't wont to say hello because we don't like to say goodbye... and just the memory of them of saying nothing is so much nicer than saying anything at all. Everything has a beginning it is ourselves that choose how it will end...always forever...never goodbye.....but I always have to say goodbye.. But Its never goodbye... not in my mind.
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2007

i see this was posted some time ago....but it is poignant and touched a nerve with me..thanks for sharing!