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i thought maybe it was time for a silly, lighthearted story. this is embarrasing and weird. i love to go for walks, but everytime i get just far enough away from the house, it never fails i have to go to the bathroom, and it's an urgent situation if you know what i mean..... lol, :(... (not the easy kind) so then i find myself panicking and hurrying back home as fast as i can or looking to see if there's somewhere i can run in and go. takes away totally my enjoyment of the walk. so now everytime i want to go for a walk, my anxiety kicks in i think and i try to walk faster just to get it over with before it happens again. god, the mind is such a powerful thing. anybody else have that problem....

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it's really dibilitating actually. i love to walk, but i'm afraid to go any distance cuz sure enough the bubbles, oh the bubbles, the gurgling, the explosion that is about to erupt is enough to send me scurrying home. gross i know, but it's the truth.

It is definitely a psychological effect. I used to have to go every time i was in a library for more than a few minutes. Something about the atmosphere of a library set off a trigger in my brain that started things working. I'm not sure why, but after a few years it stopped and there was no more problem.

i'm a camel so i'm told ... i only go 'wee' 3-4x's a day and i have an average intake of fluid. i am able to 'hold it' for hours, although this is TERRIBLE for you! nonetheless, when i walk or exercise in any fashion i too get this 'feeling.' what i've found that works for me is to make sure i stop drinking 30 mins prior to my walk/exercise session. in that 30 mins, every 10 minutes prior to beginning the walk/exercise, go sit on the toilet whether you have the 'urge' or not. sit there for at least 3 minutes. if you get up without having 'gone' oh well but make SURE you go at least ONCE before you walk out the door. also when you 'go' make sure you sit there 3 mins after you're done and make sure you don't have anymore left in your bladder. many many MANY times we do not completely empty our bladders. take a bottle of water with you. limit yourself to drinking from it until 1/3 of your walk is gone. this has helped me immensely!!! hope it helps you too.

Oh, me too!!! I have to walk where there's a public bathroom. Once, I walked with a friend near some woods and had to go behind some trees. Naturally, a car came by as I was coming out.

Not this particular problem, but I have definitely noticed habits. Every time I am leaving for a long car trip, I have the urge to go to the bathroom whether or not I have just went. As soon as I am walking towards the door, I have to turn back to go to the bathroom. Same thing with when I decide to go to bed. I can go to the bathroom, walk downstairs, then decide I am going to go to bed, and then I feel like I ave to go again! The mind and the bladder are definitely connected ;-)