Oh Yes, That Is What I Love But

sometimes you have to care... . I really love to let go some of the last drops in my pants as usually they just soak my underwear but not my pants. Not that I would not love to soak my pants but mostly that is inappropriate... . Anyway I love the feeling of a little wetness around my crotch. Mostly, I just open my fly, put my undies aside to pee, and after having finished automatically some drops still come out when I put my undies back on the right place. 'Just the dose that is not too much to leave a wet spot on surface of my jeans but still enough to cause a good feeling. Today I did not care enough and did not even notice: After a great release I did not realise a real flood still running: It wet my thighs a little and honestly it was more than just a spot. Fortunately I was alone at home... . So I could exploit it in a good way: a little teasing, a little stroking over my wet and soaked crotch, and another kind of wetness followed... felt so great.
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1 Response Aug 7, 2010

Cool. I usually pee of the top, rather than the side. When I am almost done, I will go ahead and put it back where it belongs. This is usually before the stream has quite cut off. I get a real nice wet spot, all of the way down from the top. Usually this doesn't show through my pants, but occasionally it will, so I wear black slacks. This keeps it from being noticeable. Sometimes I will get more than I expected, or I will get a bit carried away. When this happens the wetness will go down a bit farther, which feels nice. I've done this in public, at work, and just about anywhere. My underwear are almost always wet in front. Yes, it really does feel great!<br />
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