So Hard To Resist

I find it just too hard to resist. Obviously I sometimes put my **** away before I should have done as a schoolboy and would sometimes feel trickles running down my legs as I left the toilet but one day I saw oneof my friends put his away quite a while before he should have done - I reckon it was an error of judgement but he certainly had some very clear dribble stainsd down the inside of both legs that all the kids were quick to catch on to. That afternoon as we changed for games I saw how yellow he had made his boxers and he wore them for several more days after.

I tended to hang on to a quantity of pee till I was sitting down in class and then let go of it. I was caught out once when I misbehaved and was called to the front of the class to be slippered anmd as thye teacher lifted my jacket he saw the big wet patch around my bum. He made me drop my trousersd and slippered me through my pants and it hurt - and everyone made fun of me for a few days. Never stopped me though!
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Dec 5, 2010