Best Sight For A While

So I had just finished work and this really hot guy I work with was going to get changed. I followed, and pretended I was getting changed but really I was just watching him :p anyway after staring at his amazing body for a while I left while he went to ****. Well when he came out the toilet my eyes imediately turned to his crotch, his grey cotton trackies clearly showed his **** dribble and the bulge of his ****. Must say it was an impressive sight seeing dark grey spots all down his crotch to his knee. Must have been a hell of a dribble. Never know maybe he enjoys this also ;)
TheBlackoutBoy TheBlackoutBoy
18-21, M
3 Responses Nov 18, 2011

I enjoy this too.

Yeah may do :p

Think it was an accident. Though he may enjoy it :p