I Always Do This

I often don't bother "shaking" too much after peeing, I just let the last dribble or so go into my pants. Sometimes this results in a wet spot in the front of my underwear, but I don't mind it :)
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3 Responses Sep 28, 2013

Me too.

I wear washable inco pants now with a built in pad so I don't worry about dribbles and wet spots. My pants are always nicely damp stained and smelly by the end of the day.

Peeing like every hour or 2 at work (drink alot of water at work) I dont have time to stand there and shake and shake.... i just finish, tuck it back in my nice snowy white briefs and let my doube layer pouch absorb the dribbles for me! They will be in the laundry bin at the end of the day anyhow, so why would I worry about trying to keep my underwear clean?

It's nice when you can see from the stains where your friends and mates keep it in their underpants. The most common is the left side, but some guys let it drip in different directions every time. I always keep it on the left. It happens often that the right side of my briefs stays fully white, but this can never happen with the left side which is normally full of yellow/wet areas from post-**** squirts and unshaken drippage.