Every time I go to the bathroom to have a wee, or even when I take a #2 and wee at the same time, I always hold a small spurt to let go in my underwear. I do this all the time, doesn't matter if I am home or at work. I do it at friends houses and when out for dinner. I just love the feeling. The only time that I don't, is when I am going commando and don't have underwear on. I like the feeling of letting that little spurt in my underwear but I don't want others to know I've done it. Only one person knows I wet myself and she has a habit of asking me if I've let a spurt in my shorts when I use the restroom at her house. Typically I smile an wink and say "Want to check?" She hasn't yet. . . . yet lol.
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4 Responses Dec 23, 2013

I´m doing like you. It´s a horny thing.

i like doing it too, i also like the smell of stale wee in my pants

Underpants are for catching the last drops of ****. I've got two brothers and none of us shake after taking a wee. Maybe I'm the worst because they used to wait a second or two for dripping. I always zip back my jeans too early. I like when it sprays a bit in my briefs while I'm leaving the urinal.

I´m doing like you. I let go a little spurt in my underwear. It´s a nice feeling.

I think more guys like this feeling than those who actually do this, they are just afraid of having an accidental stain on their jeans. What do you think?

Most guys are shy, cautious and anxious. They fear, anybody could see it.

Me too