I Don't Squeeze

I always like to let those last few drops wet my cotton undies. When I've had my pee, I tuck myself in with my **** pointing up (held up by my vest tucked under my crotch and my underpants pulled up tight). I then just relax and let that last spurt or two wet me.

To make sure I don't cheat and fail to wet myself properly, I will often have a pee, but when the flow ends, I won't squeeze, but l let the flow end naturally. Then I try to put my little **** away before those last spurts are squeezed out involuntarily. This means that often some of those last spurts wet my trousers. I like this too as gradually my trousers get to smell of stale pee.

When I open the wardrobe door to find a pair of trousers I'll often choose them, not for their looks; but more for their pee-smell!

ImustGo ImustGo
56-60, M
2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I agree! The smell of stale pee, even a bit of ammonia, is a huge turn on. I no longer scat play either. I have when I was younger, but I'm all about the pee now :)

I love pee smell. Recently a friend of mine on EP sent me some **** and jizzed on briefs which had not been washed for 4 years. The smell was just great