Sometimes Let The Last Bit Of Pee Dribble Into My Pants

When i was a kid aged from say eight to the age of 15 i always wanted to go in my pants but was scared my mum would find out so always peed in the toilet but when i finished and zipped up would always let a tiny trickle of pee go into my pants.I did this when i was thirteen years old (posted this somewhere else) .We all went to a country pub for a family celebration and a meal.I was dressed very smartly with biege coloured shirt and tie but was wearing these light brown trousers with the pockets on the knees and were quite tight.After the meal i needed the toilet and made my wat "where are you going my mum hissed" to the toilet".After getting pushed to the floor by a drunk on my way went inside and peed as normal into the urinal and felt quite horny at the time so finished did my zipper up and let the last little bit go into my breifs only trouble is!!! i did more than i bargained for and felt two or three hot trickles run down my leg and too my horror a big wet spot appeared on those light brown trousers.In my panic i directed the hand drier nozzle onto the wet spot but to no avail.Oh god what will my mum say and what would the relatives think that a 13 year old lad that had a little accident.Then i pulled out my tucked in shirt and luckily there was no wetness on the shirt and managed to hide the wet spot from view.And nobody noticed anything until we got back to the car park when my mum shrieked "For gods sake tuck your shirt in and i did so the wetspot was still there and yep she saw it and let another shriek "For gods sake carl you are 13 years old do i still have to treat you like a little baby and give you drinks in a sippy cup to stop you spilling them". I shall never forget that

Wetcarl Wetcarl
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2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Very hot. I`m doing like you. I love stained underwear.

so she thought you spilled your drink, I guess that was better then the alternative.