I Can't Answer Yes and ...

I can't answer yes and no because it's a little of both.  I fall for guys that are the complete opposite of me as mates.  They seem to work out better for me.  But on the other hand, I crush on guys that are just like me.  They're sensitive and usually into all the stuff I am.  It doesn't work out in the long run.  Since they are so much like me, they normally have bad qualities that I also possess.  I recognize that it's hard enough dealing with myself and all of my crap so I can't do it double time.

theophania theophania
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2007

i' m the complete opposite to you. i'm usually mates with guys who are like me b/c we share similar interests & have plenty to talk about. yet i'm always attracted to guys that are ridiculously outgoing (i am incredibly shy) and it's as if i subconsciously believe that they are the answer to my prayers just because they're everything i'm not. i really want to bemroe confident, bt at the end of the day these guys are out of my league and i have little in common with them. yet i ALWAYS fall for the outgoing ones, which explains the reason i have been single my whole life