i'm really shy and i am always fascinated (and attracted to) really outgoing guys, it used to be the really good-looking guys who tended to be "players", then i changed from that to more average-looking guys with decent personalities bt i always fall for the ones that are really outgoing! bearing in mind i'm nearly 19 and never been kissed as i'm so shy, they are always completely repelled by me. (of course they don't know that) i'm always the shy girl in the background who they aren't interested in one bit. i can't be much more outgoing cos that's not my natural personality, even when i'm confident i'm still a tad on the quiet side & i wish i could stop this pattern of crushing on guys to find guys that share more in common (or are more suitable) for me!

xxstarchildxx xxstarchildxx
18-21, F
Apr 3, 2007