.........what's going on in this Experience Group???

I am always concerned with Situational Awareness.

What is going on? Is there danger? Is it pertinent? Is action required?

Sometimes this extends to wanting to know what's going on with people that I care about. Is there danger? Is action required?

These days, I am a lot more ambivalent about knowing what's going on in World Events and Current Affairs. This is not because I do not believe it to be important, but the Mainstream Media tends serve up such a constant stream of overblown hyperbole and misdirection, and alternative news services are frequently in hysterics, it's hard to know what to make of things. Generally, things remain the same, I guess, but the players change. And that oversize portion of human suffering ebbs and flows at large, whilst we slowly erode the biosphere. Hmmm, that was cheery.

Say... what's going on over there??

*goes to check it out*
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I like to know what's going on in the world, but it makes me feel so frustrated and helpless. I wonder why more isn't being done about the atrocities of the world and I realize that there isn't anything I can do about it. Arrgh.

H-m-m-m-m I am still wondering why DODOs went extinkt if they were so industrious?

Familiarity all to well, Likeness in almost paranoia for all that exists in reasons that may or may not pertain to me, however, feeling caged in blindness ...stumbling in darkness...this unaware feeling of ignorance keeps me occupied in digging for all that keeps society running...I consistently need to know all, but useful knowledge due to the need to be ready...Preparation required. Almost holds me back...all this concentration wasting away on the useless, when the useful starves for attention.


I think one of the other problems with the news is that, as you say, it tends to just repeat the same old stories, at the expense of exhibiting any understanding about the way society shifts and the key movements that underpin the recurring stories. The reporting on the situation in Iraq typifies this - body counts, damage tolls, suicide bombings ... and yet very little in the way about what is going on in terms of the actual social and political fabric that is the fundamental cause behind the violence. It dumbs down the audience, too.

too cute, birdie! about the same here ... i've recently come to find i couldn't give two sh!ts what's going on in society/the world, whereas i once read the paper cover to cover on a daily basis and watched the news twice a day becoming quite upset with the state of things. as the years have come and gone it seems the stories are the same with few variables and those variables only serve to increase the revolting and offensive level of each situation. i do, however, genuinely care about what's going on with those who are in some way connected with my life, i.e. friends, family, my 'circle', etc. with that said, i suppose the world has to do with my life, however, it's not directly affecting me YET ... so i sit by idly. *shrugs*

Excellent! You could even become your own newsservice. Very sneaky. Maybe you will just end up being recruited and becoming a spy for the powers that be. :(

When I save enough money to go touring around the world I will let you know what is actually going on there. And then I'll infiltrate the CIA and let you know what's going on there too. These things should be public knowledge, it's not fair that the news gets to make things up.