My Last Girlfriend.

My ex girlfriend Simone, was a real *****. She and I dated for about a year and half and it was a very bumpy road. When i first met her, she was at end of a bad relationship, she had told me about her bad drug habits, her estranged and abusive family,I felt to bad for her. It was a sort of Nurse loves Patient sort of attractiveness about her. Anyway I dated her, not necessarily out of pity, she was actually a very good looking girl and very intelligent. Her and I dated and I tried to be Mr. Oh I'm always here for you, but when always here for you became literally ALWAYS, as in 24 hours of the day, it was exhausting. She had me convinced of so much as well. Six months into the relationship, i realized that I had given up talking to my friends, my band, my playing of Magic The Gathering. Basically my social life consisted of Simone annnnd Simone. It was sad. I realized that I was no longer David. I had become, David-and-Simone. She was needy, constantly horny(not always a good thing), clingy, jealous, mentally abusive. A complete ******* wreck! It was a very huge learning experience.
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That's good that you learned from that and got out of it. I just hope she's okay.

You said "Ex-Gf" ! Now everything would be okay , you can learn from mistakes & keep going in your life , maybe through your life journey you'll find mrs. Perfect ;) <br />
Good luck dude

Needy isn't good, either is jealous or mentally abusive. Sounds like she had some growing up to do. Sometimes people act this way when they aren't mature.

Sorry this is sooo off topic, but Magic? I didn't know there were any hot guys playing Magic. At least there weren't any back when I played. Course you were about 5 back then...<br />
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As for the girl thing, she just wasn't right for you. You need someone who's more independent and with a lower libido. She'd be perfect for some other guy. I have to say though.. if you jump to sex quickly, you're more likely to find the same kind of girl.<br />
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By the way - did I mention that you're super hot??

Dude, my **** hurt a lot when I was with her. i didn't want to get her pregnant, more sex= higher risk. It just wasn't fun for me after a while and we couldn't always do it you know? She'd have me eat her out or finger her. It was a pain!