Changing Time

I don't know why or who have decided changing our time, twice a year, an hour ahead and then an hour behind.  I'm not crazy about the idea.  I think with age we feel it too.  Why do we need changing our clock / time?  Why can't it be the same way always?  What is the point changing it anyway?
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1 Response Aug 18, 2011

It is changed to save energy. Arizona & some parts in Indiana don't participate in daylight savings time @ all. For Arizona its obvious, its so hot there they want more night than day, plus its a very astronomical research location, meaning there's a need for more night than day. <br />
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Daylight savings time is used in many parts of the world, not just the US, in some places they participate in double daylight savings time (2 hours difference rather than one). The shorter the standard time is utilized the longer is the day and therefore there's less need for lights or energy. Why don't we always stay on daylight savings rather than changing to standard is also obvious, there is a period of time where a change in time wouldn't make any difference, we would still need light because its darker, an hour less or more wouldn't make any difference. <br />
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I personally like daylight savings time.