At Therapy!

My therapist have helped me defeat depression... though, she doesn't know much about social anxiety. So, my therapy sessions is mostly listening to her talk and her writing charts for me. I feel bored and none of this is helping me move one inch in defeat my anxiety. So, I often take a quick look at the huge clock in her office. It's on the wall, but to our left. :-/

And since I am blind in my left eye, I can't exactly peak from the corner of my eye and see it. I've tried... nothing but blur! So, I have to turn my head a little so, that my right eye can see. I try to do this discreetly, like taking the chance to look, when she is writing on a chart! I've been caught a few times, and tried to act like I wasn't looking. But, one day, I caught her also taking a peek at the clock too. And she tried to pretend that she wasn't! LOL! So, we have a patient and therapist who both don't want to be in the session and wish the time would speed up! XD

She doesn't care what I want to express and I don't care what she has to either. It's a mutual waste of our time, I think. =p

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

sounds like my doc, eventually she began suggesting i bring in relatives, kids, man etc.. i guess to end both our boredom.

its ok to look at the clock. you are only human!