11 After the Hour

I started out seeing 9:11 on the clock. Sometimes twice in a day. It was very often and was wondering why. I was telling that to my Son's girlfriend at a party and my Son overheard me and came over and said the same thing happened to him for a period of time and then stopped. Eventually I started seeing Eleven after any hour many times a day. Often as many as 6 times or more a day. For awhile I would write them down. I've stopped writing it down because it didn't really make any sense. I still continue to see it many times on most days.  My Daughter, Mom and Grandchildren mention when they see it. I don't look at the clock that often, but invariably it is 11 after the hour when I do. Don't know why.

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you are not alone. very same thing with me

why are we all connected what are we missing .. my b d 9/8/67 ohio

To look at the clock and see 9:11 in the AM or 9:11 in the PM for me is not a surprise anymore. It happens to me constantly and since a long time ago.

I have been experiencing the same thing, for the past year and a half, whenever I randomly check the clock it is 11 past the hour, it's really starting to make me wonder what the meaning behind it is, if there even is a meaning. And if there is, what does it mean, I want to know if I should be doing something, or if it is a sign of some sort.

My friend passed away last year and it began a month or so after her passing. It happens at least once per day and sometimes 4 or more times per day. I wonder if her passing is related...

Kanona1 I've finally found someone that has gone through a similar situation. I started seeing 11after the hour every time I looked at the clock when we found out my mother had cancer. After she passed it stopped. Until a couple of years after she passed it started again and then my grandfather passed after that it stopped it's been 3months and now I'm seeing it again.

I have bn doing the same thing for about a year. It stopped for a few months, but it's back again. I feel like it's suppose to mean something, but I'm sure it's brain programming of some sort. Just weird it stopped & is back again.

I too started noticing that it was often 11 after the hour or 11:11. It wasn`t until a few month ago that I thought, this is odd, why is it almost always 11 after the hour every time I get up from the couch or get out of bed or stop a conversation and go to the kitchen where our clock is located. I know there must be something numerological to it but I honestly don`t know what to make of it. My Third Eye opened up a year ago so maybe there is something related to this. If there are a lot of people who are noticing this, then perhaps there is some type of global spiritual thing going on here. Not sure, but would love to hear from someone that might know what it means?

That is a good prediction... the more open we are the more we see the signs we are meant to......A certain set of numbers have become like little family members to me lol....... Check out Angel Numbers........ :-)

I wake up in the middle of the night often and see that it is :11 after the hour. At times I wake up in the morning, with no alarm, only to see that it is :11 after the hour. If I am watching the time while I am cooking, inevitably, I catch :11 after the hour. The happens almost every day...Do not understand...

The same with me..no matter what I'm doing or where I'm at

The same thing has been happening to me for a long time. That is why I typed in: " why is it always eleven after when I look at the clock"? I am not into astrology, numerology or any of that hoodoo stuff. I have always liked numbers and counting, though. It is weird, because I do not check the clock all that often, sometimes having no idea what time it is, but I look at the clock, and more often than not, it is eleven after. Oh, and I found out after we were clearing out our mother's house, that I was born at 12:11 a.m. Never knew before what time I was born. And it was on Christmas Eve.

This is so ODD. I have been catching 11 past the hour,almost each time I check the time. It is random,and I don't often check the time....but when I do,its 11 after. I catch 9:11 AM/PM. I can understand the connection to 9:11,but not the rest. I am not into numbers,and have no interest in astrology. I was hoping for an answer or reasonable theory.

Jojomc949 described exactly what is hapening for me too. I wonder if the answer will ever present itself? I would be lying if I said I wans't a little put off by this. Even stranger, in numerology, 11 is my number.

I started seeing it so often that I had 11 tatooed on my arm. I don't know the meaning and it has been happening to me for the last 28 yrs.

some how all of us are connected. you want spooky your post date is when i was married jan 14 1995

I get this too, my friends also point it out. And when i mention it people often think its strange, I also get this around 6-7 times a day,. it really is so strange.