Beautiful! I Too Would Love To Have Mine Done.

Has been clip-ons for me but I have always wanted to have my ears pierced, since I was a teen.

Guess it would be my first full step toward feminization.

However, I am living and working in a very conservative narrow minded world, so it is difficult for me to do.

But it is a constant temptation when I see a Claire's or  other shops that offer the service in the Malls.

I really, really, really want them.

Small pearl or diamond stud to start I guess but some hoops and dangles would be heaven.

Many could be almost unnoticeable but I really would like to be noticed too.

A daily temptation for me, to step out into myself.

Josie06 Josie06
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7 Responses Jul 28, 2010

You should just get them done. I got mine done at claire's. They have a nice selection of stuff that is hardly noticeable. just a gold stud with a small gold ball on the end.

I have the same feeling.Every time I pass by I am so tempted but alas I just can't bring myself to have my ears pierced.I love how many pretty styles there are.I keep thinking maybe just something small.Someday.

I think it is about 7 or 8 years ago that I had my ears pierced, it was my wifes idea, I was very nervous about having them done but once they were done I loved them and I have loved them ever since.
I like you wore those clip on ones and magnetic one for a while but oh boy don't they hurt if you wear them for any length of time, so much easier once your ears are pierced

Just go for it. You can have very small studs put in while they heal and then only wear when appropriate.

I know, how you feel. I remember in my childhood, I tried to force through an earring in my ears, okay I haven succeed, probably that wasn't be my best choice, but least, it would be give some attention... Am, my mom never understood this, what would be in 20 years before... Nice question, maybe I would have some luck, go through every necessary things, and now would be a real lesbian???? Now, I'm 28 and still not pierced my ears... At least, I'm smarter now, so I know its easier to go to a professional, who would be do it...

More and more men and boys have their ears pierced, so it's not necessarily an outward sign of feminization. I'm an older male and have had my ears pierced for about 2 years, mostly because I wanted them pierced, but at my wife's suggestion. She wants me to have a cartilage piercing, too, and this will happen when I have my earlobes double pierced, but I want the cartilage in both ears pierced. The double piercings and cartilage piercings will be for her viewing only. I do wear my earrings in public, though.

just go for it can't belive you have not done it I long time ago