I Didi It !

Hi friends (hope you will understand my English :-) ).
At last - I have my ears pierced, in my 48 ! Since i was a little boy, I staring at girl's earrings and thought what is a mechanism, which keeps the earring at earlobe and it appears as pierced ear. First - I simply cannot belive that the ears are pierced. It sounds too cruel to me... But during years I realized - yes, it is true, it is really through. I have no sister, and very little girl-friends or even girl-schoolmates, so I had very few opportunity to ask how it was done and how it felt. Later, the feeling of "cruel" slowly changed to "excited". It is really through ! If only I have also the holes through my ears...
Today, just after dinner, I found (In fact I have it in favorites a long time ago ;-) ) a cosmetic studio at the internet in my city. "Yes you can come today at three P.M."... wow ! But the time suddenly almost stopped... I walked around living room as a hungry dog. I cannot wait. I went out very soon and I came ten minutes sooner. But no problem. Friendly woman was there and during several minutes my dream came true... It was absolutely without pain - it was done by piercing gun and I have got small pieces of chirurgic stell to every earlobe. Yupiii... Don't dream about it, just do it. Just now. It is my advice :-)
Jarmil12 Jarmil12
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Hallo, EarringedBoy and thanks for your comment :-) My country is in midle-east Europe... I have only small studs and reactions from people were OK. Healing seems to be fine so far...

Congratulations Jarmil! I'm happy for you having done it finally and so happy that you were brave enough to have both ears pierced too... I'm wondering what country you live in as I think your name might suggest India or some Middle Eastern country... I hope you are okay with the reactions you get from people seing your pierced ears...<br />
Once again, congratulations and I'm hoping they'll heal fine and fast so you can start changing earrings soon! :-)