There were no Claire's, Piercing Pagoda's, etc. as I was growing up, if you wanted pierced ears most had a girlfriend use an ice cube and a pin. No full-fledged boy was going to have even one hole, but I wanted one in each. I played with my mother's clip-ons, my favorite had screws to hold them on and I would screw them till my ears hurt hoping they would puncture my ears, My wife knew I wanted pierced ears but was uncomfortable getting them done at the mall or to admit I wanted them so she took it upon herself to help me. I would go to sleep and she put self piercing hoops on me every night, I would remove them in the morning feeling embarrassed but oh so girlie happy I was going to have pierced years. I endured the small red dots left on each lobe that somebody would ask about almost everyday, I found all kind of excuses for the telltale marks but never mentioned them to my wife. I didn't want her to stop my piercing, this was my badge of courage, soon everyone that sees me will know I am a sissy femme. My girlish self was coming out and I could not wait to swivel my head to feel my dangles' swinging.
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Your early experiences with earrings are similar to mine. As far back as I can remember I was fascinated with pierced ears and earrings. I don't know where this came from as none of the women and girls in my family or the small village where we lived had their ears pierced. I started wearing earrings in the 1950s, about the same time girls my age started wearing earrings. I particularly liked earrings that made your ears look like they were pierced. Like the girls, I screwed them on my ears as tight as I could hoping they would somehow pierce my ears, but of course that never happened. One night I fell asleep with earrings on my ears. I took them off the next morning and smiled when I saw the little marks on my ears, but then got nervous when I realized I would have to go to school with my ears looking like they were pierced. No one said anything about my ears and by noon the marks from my earrings had disappeared. When pierced ears became fashionable in the 1960s it soon became difficult to find nice earrings for ears that were not pierced. My wife knew how much I liked earrings and suggested that I should have my ears pierced. Men with pierced ears were virtually unknown back then and neither of us was brave enough to ask a jeweler or a doctor to pierce my ears so my wife pierced them for me using the ice cube and needle technique that was popular back then. I will skip a lot of experiences over the years as I have alreayd posted them elsewhere on Experience sites. Like you I am somewhat of a sissy femme and I felt piering my ears was a permanenet commitment to my feminine side. So long as I wore screw on earrings there was no evidence of them when I was not wearing earrings, but once my ears were pierced I would always have those little holes in my ears proclaiming my feminine persona. I could never "unpierce" my ears. Like you, I have always enjoyed feeling my dangle earrings swinging whenever I moved my head. Today there are enough men and boys with pierced ears that they no longer say anything about the person's gender orientation, but I am happy that I helped blaze the trail for men and boys who want to have their ears pierced and wear earrings today.

You were a little ahead of me but we went down the same road.