I would love to do this I just don't know how the family would take it
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I did It finally they where upset half of go for it

My son was 4 yeas old when we had his ears pierced because he wanted to wear earrings. My in-laws were completely opposed to their grandson wearing earrings, but eventually accepted that he was going to wear earrings whether they liked them or not. I see by your tag line you are in your late 40s and are transgendered. Does anyone in your family know you are TG? If not, when will you come out of you closet? Get your ears pierced and enjoy wearing earrings. Your only regret will be that you did not do it years ago.

Luckily men across all walks of life have pierced ears. Make like an all-star athlete and get a diamond stud earrings.

Ever since I was in middle school I was intrigued by pierced ears, and grew to desire having mine done. After many years of waffling, I decided to have them done and love it. From wearing little pearl studs to large hoops and dangles I adore how they feel. Recently my girlfriend and I went to the mall and got our second holes done together.