I played Monopoly (race to 1 million) with three of my colleagues yesterday. Let's refer to them by the committees they're members of: Marketing, Finance, and Publicity&Publications. I'm from Logistics&Operations.

During the first few turns, Marketing was starting to pile up on both properties and bills. I was stuck with the less expensive (and less desirable) properties, but had a decent amount of money to keep me in the game. Finance was also investing on the good properties and had enough money. Publicity&Publications was low on cash and didn't have a lot of properties.

The next few events were unexpected. Marketing was completing his properties, buying houses, and was earning lots from rent. I got sent to jail twice and even had to mortgage two (out of three!) of my properties just to pay my debts. Finance also managed to complete some of his properties (one of them by doing a sly deal and taking one of mine </3) and started to scare us by building houses. Publicity&Publications went from rags to riches, although he still didn't manage to complete any of his properties.

At the end of the game, Marketing had four houses at some of his properties and was charging a very high amount from us. Needless to say, he got to 1 million first and won the game. I was the poorest player but still ended the game with all my three properties no longer mortgaged and my dignity intact. Finance was true to his name and pretty rich himself, some properties having up to three houses. Publicity&Publications couldn't manage to buy a house (since none of his properties were complete) but still ended up with lots of money to spare.
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Marketing...ever pointing out the tendency of flash to triumph over form...at least temporarily. 😎