Damn Imps!

They're always hiding my stuff, but most commonly my keys. Or so I like to think so because I KNOW I sat them on the intable by the door, on top of the mail!!! And how dare anyone mock my memory!! There was this one time that I ran out to my car and came back in and threw my keys back in my purse and when I went to pull them out a little while later....gasp.....they weren't there!! I frantically searched around for an hour and panicing I called my mother ( you know mothers know everything and I guess I thought she could tell me where I had layed my keys even though she was at work at the time!) What does she say?" you'll find them in the least expected place." Well I thought the fridge was the least expected place but apparently not, for they weren't in there! Next least expected options were the bathroom, kitchen cabinets, bathroom, closets and drawers and finally....the diaper bag. BINGO!!!!.....Them damn dirty imps used my childs packing gear for their skeezy little joke. It had to be imps because I "know" I didn't go near the diaper bag all day!!!That's just like all the times they locked my keys in my car or in my house!!!
Luci Luci
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 27, 2007

You know, those same imps hide my things all the time. Just yesterday I found they hid the key to my garage, imagine that. Something really should be done about them ;-)