My Green Croc Boy

I miss you.
I miss your jokes. I miss the way you walk, your "white boy swagga".
You are truley amazing, I've never met anyone like you. I will NEVER meet anyone like you.
Leaving you was impossible, but one day I hope we meet up again. Our goodbye wasn't anything close to what should've been. We've been bestfriends for years, and you knew how much I cared about you. Why didn't you ever do anything? I hope you remember me, and all the times you opened/closed a door for me, carried my stuff, let me go first, even said hi to me in the hall, meant so much to me. Everyday I woke up, I smiled remembering that I was going to see you that day. Knowing I won't ever again kills me inside. I love you, and miss you.
OkinawaVictoria OkinawaVictoria
Jun 11, 2010