You're Missed

I'm getting a chance now to write you. And to let everthing out. You were a star, a beautiful 16 year old high school student. Why you did it, I, nor Molly or Katie will never know. But i miss you. Imiss hearing that laugh. I miss how obsessed with Hello Kitty you were. I miss your pretty hair, and your smile. I miss you. I know we had a rough patch, i know when you passed things weren't golden at all. But i love you like a sister. I've known and been in your life for 6 years. No one can replace those 6years with you. I choke up when people speak your name. So many songs remind me off you. Jet Life Til' The Next Life. I can't even fathem the fact of it being 4 months on Sep. 18th. Like girl, you're on one long vacation. I bet you're a beautiful angel. with those wings. Just keep Molly and Katie safe. Please. I know you watch over them, I hope you're watching over me. I love you Baby girl. And it hurts so much everyday. I'll be writing you soon,
EchoesOfSilenceTheWeeknd EchoesOfSilenceTheWeeknd
18-21, F
Sep 10, 2012