I never stopped missing you from the first day I started talking to you. I would wait to talk to you again and I would miss you. I backed out...I missed you all that night ,months later I continue to pay for my fearful mistake . I check my email thinking to myself that today is the day you forgive me. I am always wrong. I read all of the old emails you sent me...I don't even need to really read them anymore I have them memorized. I don't expect you to love me I just wish you to talk to me. I miss you with every moment of my desolate existence. I am alone, but your warmth is always with me. I may never speak to you again, but my heart hears you every day, and with those words are my only source of hope. You are a wonderful woman who made a deep and life long impact  on my life. I will miss you gratefully because I am so lucky to have had someone like you in my life no matter how short the time was. I will never forget you.

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Feb 26, 2010