Too Many Hats & Only One Head!

I have so many interests and so very many more ways I want to help various groups, projects and initiatives get going for all the right reasons, and, historically, I have been the one to over-extend herself to the point of absolute absurdity that usually ends in the rag doll frustration of a slave with too many masters.

I've been working on improving my ability to assert limitations based on my own needs- including the ones that require time to relax and recuperate from the investments of my time I choose to make. So far it's working much more effectively, but it's still my first instinct to say "YEAH! LET'S DO IT! I'M IN IT TO WIN IT!"- now I just duct tape that instinct's mouth shut for a little while, so I can consider the implications of my commitments. I also consider how spreading myself too thin affects my reputation as a reliable, dependable, go-to type of individual whose commitment means more than  a fleeting interest that will fade as her plate fills up with obligations!

I'm looking for the middle ground, but the fact that so few people are willing to GIVE of themselves in a committed manner to ANY organization, activity, or project makes it tough for those of us who tend to try too hard to make it all work!

I guess it's more satisfying to be someone who can look back at all he/she has tried to do than one who can look back upon years of doing little! Plus, I know I've learned a great deal by giving my best efforts to projects and organizations- skills are priceless!

Listen to me rationalizing...haha! I'm off to bed- of course, I have a 16 hour day ahead in which I'll wear a variety of hats!
AthenaAdAbsurdum AthenaAdAbsurdum
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1 Response Jun 4, 2007

learning to say no is hard. but you will love yourself all the more once you master it.