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Showing My Appreciation

  Whenever I can afford to eat at a restaurant with a waiter or a waitress I try to make sure that I have enough money for a very generous tip for I know how the Customer Service life can be a big pain in the butt for everyone. And then again so many of them aren't being paid enough for what they do have to go through when you put it all together under a scrutining eye.

  There is an IHOP in the area where I live and I can remember going there with my estranged husband. We had a waitress that we looked forward to each night as she was very friendly, very social and just made things a nice experience. Furthermore she always had an idea of what we wanted while wishing us well in fact whenever she did see us.

  But there was another great fact that made me greatly respect her. At the same time as some of our last visits, I noticed that there was a young waitress who was in training and she was having an extremely rough crowd to be trained upon. Our own waitress would take some time off to help her, show her a few tips and literally be almost a big sister.

  Sadly on our last night at eating at IHOP I noticed the trainee was gone. Upon further inquiry we found out from our waitress that she had been trying to wait upon a table of people about her own age. When she accidentally spilled some of a drink, one of her customers angrily got up and started yelling at her as she fought to clean up and apologize at the same time. He continued to be verbally abusive and she ended up quitting that night after running outside in tears.

  And so whenever I have a really great waitress or waiter I try to show my appreciation by giving a big tip (sometimes it equals the expense of one of the meals) in person to them before I leave. And I am hoping the whole time that they will understand just how much I enjoyed having them wait on me for that one night.

Dormantdrakon Dormantdrakon 22-25, F Oct 30, 2009

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