Peeing Is Relief

I did a lot of peeing in the pool the last two days. I was in the pool with my family and friends while I did it. Luckily, no one noticed.
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I peed in the kiddie pool today. I just felt like they deserve to swim in my pee.

I always pee in the pool every day at the gym. I drink a lot of coffee, at least 3 or 4 glasses of orange juice and plenty of water so by the time I get to the pool it's hard to hold it. I love when the pool is crowded and as soon as I jump in the water I find the prettiest girl in the pool and swim up to her and start peeing, I get so excited feeling the pee coming out of my di*ck through my bathing suit and into the water, I love feeling the water getting warm around me and she person standing next to me, I stay in the pool for about two hours and pee at least four times in different places and watch people swim in it. I get so excited doing it. And I pee so many times that I'm surprised that the blue water doesn't turn green. But the best time to pee is when the water is cold, then when I start peeing the water gets nice and warm so other swimmers will feel it when they swim in it

Oh I'm with you 100% on your activities in the pool Mr WHIZard. No criticism at all as I totally approve! It's great that you always 'fill up' before entering the pool to make sure you can pee and pee and pee while in there. Also great that you get excited from the thought of others swimming in the water after you have done your business into it. I love to see a guy swimming in an area where I just peed.

I definitely pee in the pool any time I'm in one.<br />
I pee hard and fast, too, so that no one notices <br />
and it floods the area around me<br />
and the warmth collects around my legs.<br />
Then I swim away.<br />
<br />
It's an amazing feeling.

maggie what if you peed on me in the pool eh i would love that, you could straddle me and pee

i want to *** soooo bad!!!

Seeing the guys stream is soooo sexy. I can feel i when i watch. Its like im orgasming while peeing

The hot pee coming out of me though my lips is sooo hot but to hear & watch a guy pee is the up most turn on

Ha! I love feeling the hot pee come through my lips :) ♥♥

It feels good right?

I guess most families are like yours flower4life with any peeing in the pool kept a secret. I'm glad my mom and dad were open about it with both me and my brother though, right from the start when we were little kids. <br />
I can still remember the moment when I realised it was a naughty thing to do. My brother needed to pee while getting changed but waited until we were in the pool to do it.

Well, my other family members may pee in the pool, but I don't know it. There were two kids in the pool, so they may have had their share of peeing in it too.

Drinking Lipton tea before swimming was an excellent idea and must have helped you to pee a lot while in the pool. You knew what was happening, because of the warm feeling at your crotch as pee flowed out through your swimsuit each time, but luckily for you the rest of your family didn't realise what you were adding to the water! ;-)<br />
<br />
Do you know if any other members of your family like to pee in the pool? I know my mom, dad, brother and a cousin always do. Mom and dad encouraged us to use the pool as a toilet when we were kids.

I even owed in the pool again today. Even with seven other people in the pool. My husband, my mom, dad, sister, niece, nephew and brother-n-law. It's easy to be so discreet and not having to worry about someone noticing. That and Lipton tea makes me per a lot.

Good to see lots of positive comments this time and I want to say "thank you" to flower4life for sharing this. Some people get angry and hostile about it, but - as EdinburghFetishes says - it's an easy way to feel naughty without any problems. Oh it feels so good to pee in the water again and again though! ;-)

Peeing in the pool is like perfection. It's also a really easy way to feel a little naughty without any problems.<br />
I love to pee anywhere that's deemed risque, but i probably owe that to the first time i pissed in a pool i guess!

I love to pee in the bath, sooo satisfying.