It's The Best Way!

When I was young, I always hated using the toilets at the pool. First of all the feeling of being already wet and sitting on the cold plastic was uncomfortable, and second, back then I wore a one piece and used to take the entire thing off so it was a hassle. When i was around sixteen, I just gave up and started peeing in the pool. It was convenient, fun, and it was an easy way to avoid disease infested toilets and just enjoy time with my friends.
I think everyone should do it.
pbabe18 pbabe18
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So do I, would love to swim with You.

hey maggie have you ever stradled a guy in the pool and pee on him

That's actually pretty smart! I could tell was you because I had read through some of your threads in the past and how much you enjoyed peeing in the pool. There had to be a connection somewhere :P

Yes indeedy, I do have an account on so congratulations on your detective work! <br />
I'm also on and a few others with the same username... and it's my middle name actually cos I don't wanna give away my first name!! ;-)

Hey Maggie, you wouldn't happen to have an account on would you? If you're the Maggie i'm thinking of, i believe you do.

Wise words from pbabe18 as it certainly is the best way. No need for the hassle of using toilets at a swimming pool - just get into the pool and do it in the water.