I Saw A Girl Peeing In The Pool...

This truly happened many years ago when I was 16 or so. I was on holiday with my friends in a water theme park in Holland. A lot of pools and slides and so on. At that time my hormones were allways rushing; and I enjoyed watching the girls in bikini's... . I was doing a small competition with my friend: swimming as far as possible under water. I liked that very much because I could secretly watch at the girls's crotches ;-) . A few meters from me there were 3 girls standing in the pool talking to eachother. They must have been around 18y old. They were absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to swim by them under water to have a secret look at their crotch. When I approached them I noticed a distinct yellow cloud near the crotch of one of the girls. Just one second after, she lowered here bikini-bottom and I saw a clear strong yellow stream coming out of her ***** (she was not shaved by the way...). She was boldly ******* full force in the water while talking to her friends... . I had a hardon immediately, and I continued staring at this pee-stream until I had no breath left and I had to go up. A few moments after, the girl pulled her bikini-panty back up, and the 3 girls left the pool together. That experience really turned me on big time! Since then, I get aroused by everything that involves peepee.... But sadly enough, since then I never had a sighting like that again...
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ask her if she can pee in the pool together and try to get together so you can be bf and gf

I sometimes check out the edge of the pool where there are water jets. You keep walking untill the depth adjusts to the point where the jet hits the right spot on your penis. (about4 feet). You casually pause as the feeling increase. Meanwhile you watch the beaustiful swimmers. It add up to ******* and thenpeeing all -apparently- without being noticed. I am amazed to hear of othes like me

I am suprised that people do not spot others peeing in the pool more often. Wearr goggles to make it easier to see and you will not have a great problem spotting it happen.

That is so sexy.

maggie i was wondering if you could sit on me in the pool and pee on m i would really like, cause i know u love peeing in the pool

One time me and my girlfriend were swimming together at a hotel pool. she drank a lot of soda during da day and we went swimming in the evening. we were playing volleyball and I grabbed her as she sat forward on my lap and tickled her as a joke, she giggled a lot, and than I felt the water getting twice as warm I looked down and saw a big yellow cloud forming all around me, so she peed on me in the pool while sitting face forward on my lap. She hit me and said Thats what you get for tickling me so hard, so ya my gf pissed on me during our swim. She warned me not to grab her and tickle her because she will pee on me every time that happens. I was sitting in the warm yellow cloud of her **** while she was there in her bikini. She also said that it felt so good like heaven. I actually liked the super warmth of her **** and I asked her if she could pee on me in the pool every time we go swimming and she smiled and said yes.

This must have been a lovely experience for you so congratulations on your luck in seeing it. Wow it must have been very exciting for you to see an attractive girl so obviously using the pool as a toilet!<br />
My most recent experience like that was about 5 years back when I watched a gorgeous looking guy pause at the ladder before getting out of a public pool. He was about 25ish, fit, and at first I wondered why he'd stopped when ready to climb out after swimming. But then I saw a yellowish plume coming from the bulge his speedos and I was in heaven!<br />
Just before getting out he used the pool as a toilet and that is a huge turn on for me. Others may find this totally weird but it works for me ;-)

I love it when my wife uses our pool as a toilet......she knows it turns me on.....she pull her panties down if she's wearing any and squat in the pool like on the toilet and **** away......I love it when she makes sounds of relief while ******* in the pool.....sometimes she stands over the water and pees in the pool while squatting over the water and pee in the water around me and on me:)

Yes... It just sets me on fire to watch her do it